Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Students Testimony

Dr Mohd Hafizie bin Mahadi has graduated in 2014, one of the pioneer batch for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. He started working as a small animal medicine clinician in one the private clinic after graduation. Besides handling clinical cases, he was also tasked with managing one of the clinics in the clinic chain. After four years of employment, Dr Hafizie decided to open up his own clinic here with his friends, as Kota Bharu is already like home to him, being a student at UMK for five years. Being a graduate from an entrepreneur university, Dr Hafize had some advantages as he is familiar with the business plan and finances as these were covered in entrepreneurship courses offered by the university and faculty. Vet O Vet Animal Clinic officially starts operation on 15th of July 2018. In the beginning, the clinic offers basic services such as outpatient treatment, warding, and simple elective surgery such as neutering. With time, the clinic started to add more equipment and machines and Dr Hafizie can now handle soft tissue and orthopaedic surgical cases, dental scaling, blood transfusion, ultrasonography, and in house blood test. At its first anniversary, Vet O Vet Animal Clinic is still growing and aims to become one of the leading veterinary clinic to provide the best service and care for pets and clients in the East Coast of Malaysia.

- Dr Mohd Hafizie bin Mahadi

Throughout my 5 years at FPV UMK, I learned many valuable lessons, not only on the subject matter; but lessons of culture, diversity and friendship. FPV UMK is a melting pot of ideas, experiences and teachings that I believe I would not have had the chance of encountering anywhere else. From the well respected and formidable lecturers to the charismatic support staff, FPV UMK is definitely a place of growth, self-discovery and holistic learning for all the future veterinarians of Malaysia to come!

- Dr Raveena-Mei Lexminarayana

Great things are not done by an impulse, but by a series of little things that brought all together. 5 years journey at FPV UMK has taught me to develop my passion for the veterinary field. All the experiences, knowledge and skills that provided by FPV UMK really helped me to prepare myself in the work field.

- Dr Muhamad Hariz bin Ibrahim