LinkedIn Workshop for Final Year Students 2019/2020


The gen-Y graduates do not only need to have a solid resume but they also need professional online presence. LinkedIn being the World’s Largest Professional Network platform, is able to increase the visibility of the graduates in the global presence.

Therefore, on the 6th of September 2020, Dr Nurshahirah Shaharulnizim as the Coordinator of Graduate Employability of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FPV) has set up a LinkedIn Workshop for the final year students. The students were guided by Dr Basripuzi Nurul Hayyan to set up their own LinkedIn account and to generate their curricullum vitae using this platform. The students have just passed their Comprehensive Exam that was held in the FPV from 24th of August -3rd of September 2020.

The photos show the soon-to-be veterinary graduates of UMK with the badge #opentowork and taking a photo/selfie with a quote to be posted on their newly registered LinkedIn account. Each and every student presented that day came home with a LinkedIn account because -

“LinkedIn isn’t only an online resume. It’s your digital reputation, - Jill Crowley (Social Selling Evangelist)”

#opentowork #veterinarian