Geran Penyelidikan

Fakulti Perubatan Veterinar

No.Title of ResearchResearch LeaderType of GrantStart DateEnd DateStatus
1The Spread of Pathogenic and Non Phatogenic Bacteria from Surface of Raw Bovine MeatProf. Dr. Imad Ibrahim Al SultanSGJP20102012Completed
2Effect of supplementation of creep feed on the growth performance, morphology and development of rumen in Boer goat during weaning periodProf. Dr. Mohd Azam Khan Bin Goriman KhanOthers20102013Completed
3Isolate and identiication of important microbes present in ruminants from Kelantan and those imported from ThailandAssoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Mokhtar Bin ArshadSGJP20112012Completed
4Prevalence and risk factors for Salmonella Contamination in processed chickens in Kota BharuAssoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Mokhtar Bin ArshadSGJP20112012Completed
5Transcervical Insemination : A User Friendly Technique for Genetic Improvements of Goats in MalaysiaProf. Dr. Mohd Azam Khan Bin Goriman KhanFRGS20112013Completed
6Nutritive values of small ruminant rations commonly used in selected districts in Kelantan, MalaysiaProf. Dr Wan Zahari Bin MohamedOthers20112011Completed
7Mineral status of groowing goats in selected districts in Kelantan, MalaysiaProf. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedOthers20112011Completed
8Utilization of "Diosorea hispida (ubi gadung) as an energy source for growing goatsProf. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedOthers20112012Completed
9Nutrient profiling in ruminants raised by smallholders in Bachok District, KelantanProf. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedOthers20112012Completed
10Common Myopathies of Domestic Animals in KelantanProf. Dr. Imad Ibrahim Ali Al SultanOthers20122013Completed
11Investigation On The Immune System and Serotyping of Pasteurella Multocida Based On Capsules in Duck in KelantanProf. Madya Dr. Md. ZahirulSGJP20132013Completed
12Molecular Studies Of Multidrug. Resistant Staphylococed and Enterococci Isolated from Raw Chicken Meat Sold at Wet Markets in Kota Bharu, KelantanProf. Madya Dr. Mohd Mokhtar Bin ArshadSGJP20132013Completed
13Characterisation and Differentiation of Infectious Bursal Diseas Virus (IBDV) Strains and Serotype in KelantanProf. Mady Dr. Aung Tun KhaingSGJP20132013Completed
14Membangunkan Makanan Lengkap Untuk Kambing Baka Shami Dua GunaProf. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedSGJP20132014Completed
15Creep Feeds Formulation for Shami Goat Kids To Enhance Growth And SurvivalProf. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedFRGS20132015Completed
16Prevalence, Detection and Charachterization of Neospora Caninum That Causes Reproductive Failures In Sheep and Goats in Kelantan, MalaysiaProf. Madya. Dr. Than KyawFRGS20142016Completed
17Rapid Detection of Equine Herpes Virus by Loop-Mediated Isothermal Ampilification (LAMP) Among Endurance Horses In East Coast Region of MalaysiaMdm. Nur Eliyana Binti Mohd RedhuanRACE20142016Completed
18Prevalence and Molecular Epidemiology of Tuberculosis Causing Mycobacteria in Dairy Goats in East Coast MalaysiaDr.Erkihun Aklilu WoldegiorgisFRGS20142016Completed
19The Epidemiology of Crytosporidiosis in Cattle of Peninsular MalaysiaDr. Pwaveno Huladeino BamaiyiFRGS20152016Completed
20Construction, immunogenicity and Protective Efficacy of The Recombinant Baculovirus Expressing Receptor Binding Domain (RBD) of Nephropathagenic Infeectious Bronchitis VirusDr. Basit ZeshanFRGS20152017Completed
21Formulation of Wholesome Baby Food Products Based On Locally Produced Banana FlourProf. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedPPRN20152015Completed
22Comparative Study of Commercial Super Premium Cat Food In Malaysian Market for Nutrient Composition Minerals, Organic Compounds & Their Halal StatusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Rumaizi Bin ShaariSGPPCompleted
23Molecular Epidemiology of Vancomycin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (Vrsa) and Vancomycin-Resistant Entrerococci (Vre) Isolates From Poultry and Environmental Surfaces In Kota Bharu, KelantanDr. Erkihun Aklilu WoldergiorgisRACE20152017Completed
24Antibacterial Activity of Trigona SP. Honey on Subclinical Mastitis-Causing Bacteria Isolated from Dairy Goats and Dairy CattleDr. Syaliza binti OmarSGJP20152016Completed
25Development and Optimization of An In-House Multiplext RT-PCR for Detection and Differentation of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV)Dr. Hoe Chee HockSGJP20152016Completed
26Utilization of Kenaf Leaf As A Protein Supplement for Livestock and Enhancing Its Leaf-Tops As A Healthy Herbal Drinks. (Kenaf Resources Sdn. Bhd).Prof. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedPPRNCompleted
27Evaluation of Selected Local Ethno Veterinary Medicinal Plants and Natural Product in Feed Formulations for the Prevention of Urinary Calculi in Goats.Prof. Dr. Wan Zahari Bin MohamedSGPPCompleted
28In- Vitro Study of Anticancer Effect of Mangrove Crab Soup ExtractAssoc. Prof. Dr. Maizan Binti MohamedFRGS20152018Completed
29Characterization of Integrons and Antibiotic Resistance Determinants In Aeromonas Spp. Isolated From Freshwater Fish Culture In East Coast MalaysiaRuhil Hayati Binti HamdanFRGS20152017Completed
30Capacity Building of Seabass Farmer of Kelantan Through Enterprise Training and KnowledgeDr. Ong Bee LeeKTP20152017Completed
31Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Ectoparasites on Small Ruminants in Kelantan, MalaysiaDr. Tan Li PengRAGS20152017Completed
32Pembangunan Formulasi Pemakanan Kuda Hipoterapi Dewan Bandaraya Kuala LumpurDr. Fuziaton binti BaharudinKTP20152017Completed
33Enhancing Milk Production and Milk Quality of Dairy Goats Through Strategic FeedingDr. Abd Rahman bin AzizPPRN20162016Completed
34Feed Formulation and Feed Quality EnhancementProf. Dr. Wan Zahari bin MohamedPPRN20162016Completed
35Therapeutic Potential of The Haruan's Flesh (Channa Striatus) for Gingivitis Treatment in Cat.PM Dr. Rumaizi bin ShaariFRGS20162019Completed
36Prevalence and Molecular Fingerprinting of Listeria monocytogenes Isolated from Marine Water Fish and Freshwater Fish in East Coast MalaysiaDr. Hoe Chee HockFRGS20162018Completed
37Improvement of Loop Amplification Methid (LAMP) for The Detection of Pathogens at Point-of-care (POC)PM Dr. Maizan MohamedSGPL-MyRA20162016Completed
38Potentially Pathogenic Leptospira Species from Livestock Frams in the East Coast of Peninsular MalaysiaDr. Abd Rahman bin AzizFRGS20162018Completed
39Prevalence Study of Zoonotic Pathogens in working Pig-tailed macaque (Macaca nemestrina) ata Bachok, Kelantan Dr. Choong Siew SheanSGJP20162017Completed
40Establishment of Thermostabilised Loop amplification method (LAMP) for the detection of Japanese Encephalitis virus at Point-Of-Care AP Dr. Maizan MohamedSGJP-MyRA Keserakanan USM20172017Completed
41Antibacterial Activity of Lemna sp. (Arales: Lemnaceae) Against Selected Zoonotic Waterborne BacteriaDr Tan Li PengSGJP-MyRA Keserakanan USM20172017Completed
42Meningkatkan Pengeluaran Susu di Ladang Makmur Diary Sdn Bhd, Pahang Melalui Pengurusan Ternakan StrategikPM Dr Mohd Mokhtar bin ArshadKTP20172018Completed
43Investigation on Pathophysiology of Pneumovagina in MaresDr.Fuziaton binti BaharudinFRGS20172019Ongoing
44elucidation Graphene Antimicrobial Properties Against Intracellular Staphyloccoccus Aureus from Bovine MastitisDr.Nor Fadhilah bt. KamaruzzamanFRGS20172019Ongoing
45In Vivo Investigation of Anticancer Effect of Ardisia Crispa (Mata Ayam) Extract Against Mammary Cancer BALB/c MiceDr.Muhammad Luqman bin NordinSGJP20172018Completed
46Prevalence of residual Antibiotics,Antibiotic-resistant Escherichia.Coli and Salmonella spp in the Surface Water,Poultry Farms and processing Plants in Kelantan,MalaysiaDr.Abdinasir Yusuf OsmanSGJP20172018Completed
47Enhancing Nutrient Digestibility, Milk Yield and Milk Quality of Lactating Dorper Sheep by Feeding Total Mixed Ration (TMR) based on Local FeedstuffsProf Dr Wan Zahari Bin MohamedFRGS20172019Completed
48Molecular characterization of colistin resitanct Esherichia Coli (E.Coli) in poultry farms, raw chicken meat and fresh vegetables sold wet marakets in Kota Bahru KelantanDr. Erkihun Aklilu WoldegiorgisSGJP-MATCHING SGPPU20182020Ongoing
49The Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistant 'Salmonella sp., Escherichia coli and Enterococcus sp. In East Coast Peninsular Malaysia'Dr. Nor Fadhilah KamaruzzamanRMA (Rhone Ma)2018Ongoing
52 Unraveling the Dynamics of ESBL and Colistin Resistance Genes in Bacterodetes Species from Chicken Gut and Environment for Effective Control of Antimicrobial Resistance in Farm AnimalsDr. Erkihun Aklilu WoldegiorgisFRGS20192021Ongoing
53Potential of Lytic Bacteriophage For Inactivation of Multi-Drug Resistant Vibrio Spp.In Asian Seabass (Lates Calcarifer) In East Coast, MalaysiaDr. Ruhil Hayati Binti HamdanFRGS20192022Ongoing
54Molecular Detection and Characterization of Japanese Encephalitis Virus In Wild Pigs (Sus Scrofa) and Mosquito Vectors in KelantanDr. Choong Siew SheanFRGS-RACER20192021Ongoing
55Acute Phase Proteins and Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines As Potential Disease Biomakers, Prognostic anf Therapeutic Indicators of Mnanheimia Pneumonia in GoatsDr. Mohd Farhan Hanif bin ReduanFRGS-RACER20192021Ongoing
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